8/10 Ilupeju Bypass, Ilupeju, Lagos State, Nigeria.





Have a compiled list of every property in your care, the brain doesnt need to undergo the stress of trying to remember all of them and their locations, our rms helps you to have a database of all of them.


Your clients data, names, phone number, e-mail, etc, doesn't need to be written down and filed in papers, you can store them here and access them whenever, wherever you are.

Tenancy Schedule

How easier can it get, have the data of all your clients with the location of the property they occupy alongside the status of their tenancy, which includes the amount of their rent fee, the start and expiry date of the rent paid.


Automated to make you smart, our RMS automatically compiles a list of clients whose rent is about to expire and notifies you when the time draws closer.

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